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    Once you’re pre-approved, you’ll greatly expedite your home buying process and get access to all the tools available on With a pre-approval code you can make legit offers on properties and shop with confidence.
    If you downloaded our app then you’ll get a notification on your smart device. You can also sign up to be notified via email or text by changing your settings.
    Residential will never ask you for your social security number. However, the preferred lender in your area will require your SSN to grant you a pre-approval code.
    Based on your credit rating and income to debt ratio, the preferred lender will determine the sum of your Pre-Approval. If you want an idea of what to expect, just use our mortgage calculators and select mortgage estimator.
    Login into your account and select My Loans from your account menu. Click “Pre-Approval Request” to view your current status, and to make any necessary changes.
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    Finding the right Mortgage Lender matters. So use your brain to do it!

    You found a real estate agent to help you find the perfect home. It’s a dream come true! But you didn’t get a pre-approval home loan, and now it’s a nightmare! Someone else moves in, the agent stops working with you, and, this is unrelated, you have a terrible rash! None of this would have happened if you just used to set up your mortgage loans before you even looked for a home. It’s so easy! Compare lenders and their rates, calculate monthly payments, and get expert advice. Finally, you have your dream home. You still have that rash, though. That’s unrelated.