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Search Homes has real estate listings and related property information for every home in the markets we serve and we are constantly adding more data.  We provide you with the most accurate and updated inventory of listings on the web combined with the most complete database of related information on properties, neighborhoods, schools, drive times, local business and more. Search Here.

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Need help finding the right agent?  Let us help. has created a network of top agents from all around the country.  Find an Agent.

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How To Choose An Agent

You should choose an agent that you feel comfortable with and who you can trust to look after your best interests.  Responsiveness is a virtue.  You should expect your agent to respond quickly to your inquiries and your agent should be diligent in scheduling appointments. Be cautious in using an agent that has a second job or treats real estate like a part time job.  You want a full time professional working for you.  Of course a work/life balance is important and you are likely not your agent’s only client.  You still should expect regular communication and prompt responses to your inquiries.

You should also communicate your expectations regarding communication and feedback during your home search. Which communication method is preferred, phone, email, or text.  A good agent should help you feel informed and in control throughout the process.

Why Work With An Agent

Buying a home is traditionally the largest investment a person or family will make. It can be a complicated and time-consuming process.  It can also be a lot of fun.  A buyer’s agent is a seasoned professional.  They know what to look for and what questions to ask.  They add a constructive, dispassionate point of view to the buying process. Plus, by working with an agent on your purchase, you gain their knowledge of the local real estate market and neighborhoods.  Typically, the seller pays for the buyer’s agent commission so having a licensed professional that is representing your best interest will almost always cost you nothing.

Your buyer’s agent will help you in the following ways plus so much more….

Offer Price

A licensed professional Residential agent will recommend an appropriate offer price for your target home based on their knowledge of local market conditions.  They will research the comparable property values and then work with you to make the right offer.

Custom Home Search

A licensed professional Residential agent will provide you with customized search (or searches) of homes to view based on your selected criteria.  This will help you target the right homes.  Keep in mind this search can always be modified if your criteria change.

Market Knowledge

A licensed professional Residential agent will offer valuable local insights on whether a property is priced appropriately for the neighborhood. They will also be able to assess  how a planned development in an adjacent community may affect property values or if there are any pending changes to the schools, roads, or other developments that will affect prices.  Agents know the areas they live and work and they will share their knowledge with you.

Reduce the Stress

A licensed professional Residential agent will help you reduce the stress of buying a home.  For most people, purchansing a home is the single largest investment they’ll ever make. It can seem like a daunting task.  The right agent can make it an enjoyable process.  Let your agent deal with coordinating schedules and appointments, allowing you to focus on running your own life.

Professional Support

A licensed professional Residential agent will match you with other real estate professionals such as property appraisers, home inspectors, attorneys, etc.  When you work with the right agent, you are not just tapping into their knowledge, you are accessing their entire professional network.

Offer to Closing

Once the right licensed professional Residential agent helped you negotiate the best price, they will help you navigate the post offer phase.  This includes the inspection, the appraisal, the title search, the final walk-through and the closing.

Search in comfort at your place for Your New Home.